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Cheap accommodation in Groningen: Low budget accommodations in Groningen

Groningen doesn’t have to be an expensive city to stay in. You have plenty of options for backpackers who want to sleep in a dorm or travelers who want to stay cheap but need a little bit of privacy. Take a quick look at our selection of the cheapest, fun hotels and hostels for your weekend getaway in Groningen.

Simplon Youth Hotel Groningen

You can spend a low-budget overnight stay in Groningen at the Simplon Hotel at Boterdiep. This youth hostel is one of the cheapest hostels you will find in Groningen. It’s also one of the most popular ones amongst backpackers.

And it’s probably the best choice if you’re looking for fellow travelers to hang out with during your stay in the Groningen. Next to dormitories, Simplon offers apartments and private rooms.

The hostel is a 12-minute walk from the Grote Markt, which is the center of Groningen. But there’s enough to see and enough food to grab just around the corner of Simplon as well. Also, the city park Noorderplantsoen is a great place for you to enjoy summer evenings.

Opposite the hostel is the backyard of The Prael, a great place to grab a beer.

Price: dorms from € 19.45 / 2p apartment € 56. Check out prices on

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Student Hotel

The Studenthotel is a hip hotel in the new part of Groningen; the Ebbinge quarter. The rooms have a queen-size bed and free wifi. Below the hotel, you will find a nice restaurant and co-working space. Parties and concerts are also regularly organized in the Simplon next to the Simplon hotel. Here you will also find the Studenthotel, a beer brewery, and nice coffee shops. Check out this hotel.

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Appolo Hotels

Apollo Hotel is located about 2 kilometers from the center in a modern building. The hotel is close to Martiniplaza, the Graphic and Groninger Museum. There is 24-hour breakfast service.

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Bud Gett Hotels

The BudGett hotel is around the corner from the Grote Markt, several pubs, the Pieterpad, and nice museums. Rooms in the BudGett hotels are for 3-10 people and you can have a cheap breakfast or dinner. But with so many nice restaurants around the corner, you’ll probably want to eat out.

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Rebel Rebel containerhostel Groningen

Rebel Rebel is one of the special hotels in Groningen. In this hostel in Groningen, you sleep in a container with a colorful interior. We love Rebel because they are taking good steps towards becoming a sustainable hostel!
This is the most original place to stay in Groningen. They have water-saving showerheads and a pellet stove that they use to heat water and flush toilets with collected shower water.

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CityLab Groningen

New kid on the block CityLab Groningen is a hotel room that, like Rebel Rebel, is in a shipping container. The rooms are comfortable and very nicely furnished. Rooms are large and equipped with all comforts.

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