New cafes and bars in Groningen

April 2022

New cafes and restaurants are popping up quickly in Groningen. What’s new now?

Anne & Max

Anne&Max is one of our newest spots. It has a living room vibe so definitely bring a good book and chill in the super comfy chairs of Anne & Max. At the reading table, there is room to play a game with friends. You can enjoy people-watching at the tables by the window and chat on the sofas while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The garden room is an oasis of peace. The music responds to the time of day, the colors give a warm feeling. In short, you experience the real Anne&Max experience.

Stadscafe de Groene Weyde

De Groene Weyde officially reopened to the public! The iconic eatery at the northernmost tip of the Noorderplantsoen in Groningen is back after three years. De Groene Weyde was empty for three years after the previous owner stopped using it after 36 years.

At De Groene Weyde you can now have lunch, drinks, or dinner. Everything in a modern hip jacket. There is also more and more life in the north of the city of Groningen, you can also see that with BOEL, Bramble, and Buurman en Buurman.

Restaurant Graansilo

The 130-year-old grain silo (Graansilo) has been turned into a restaurant. You’ll find delicious dishes with special beer at a unique location in Groningen. It’s pretty great to sit at the Winschoterdiep because the views are awesome and the food is great. What to find? Surprising dishes but also familiar ones.

Pizzabakkers Nieuwe weg

The De Pizzabakkers To Go is open on Nieuweweg. The formula can already be found in eleven cities and Groningen couldn’t be missed of course. They bake pizzas the Roman way, with a thin, crispy bottom. The Pizzabakkers make the dough according to their own recipe and let it mature and rise for at least 48 hours before using it. Then they top it off with fresh ingredients.

A stone’s throw from the main market, it has a nice central location. Perfect for a pizza after a night out on the town or before visiting the Grand Theatre.

Donna’s Social Club

Donna’s Social Club is a place to go back in time. This ‘social club’ is where you can drink cocktails and enjoy an American dinner. They serve their interpretation of American fast food. All this comfort food will be presented elegantly on beautiful crockery but hey, it stays comfort food. We love the interior of this social club. Think American dinners in the fifties: lot’s of pink, peach, mint green, plants. We love it! You’ll find this spot at Nieuwe Markt 7.