Noorderzon is on, but must take place in scaled-down format

Noorderzon is on but must take place in the scaled-down format. It’s stated on their official website. But hey, that’s still good news because Noorderzon 2021 is on! Noorderzon is one of the best things to attend in Groningen. This festival usually takes place every year in the Noorderplantsoen park, but it was canceled due to corona last year. pho

2 islands

“The most important change of the festival is the introduction of two Noorderplantsoen ‘islands’”.

It’s a major transformation: with two ‘islands’ being created: one at the south end of the park and one to the north of this. Within the two islands, there will be enough room to maintain social distancing and the space for the park venues for program events, a few places to get something to eat or drink, and a limited number of seating areas.

Check out more about the Noorderplantsoen program at their website