Inside Groningen is a guide for international tourists, students, and ex-pats visiting Groningen. We also cover hotspots around Groningen, but we want to help out English spoken visitors and locals getting around Groningen.

About Evelyn

World traveler, fun sports, and crazy about Groningen. Lives in the Noorderplantsoen area but will soon be moving to Meerstad.

When Evelyn came back home from traveling around the world she noticed Groningen is very focused on the Dutch-speaking locals. And working for a company like IBM, she knew there are just a lot of international students that stay and live in Groningen, who can’t speak Dutch that well. There just isn’t a lot of information for the English-speaking visitors, locals, and tourists.

And she thinks that’s strange, because, we get a lot of international visitors every year and have a great number of international students. Groningen is a University City. Next to students and tourists, there are also a lot of ex-pats and international tourists visiting our city. Since Evelyn travels as a travel blogger a lot herself, she knows what she wants to see and knows when visiting a city for the first time. So Evelyn started Inside Groningen together with college friend Diana.

Favourite spots: Bax Beer for beer, Black & Bloom for coffee to go and 5 Smaken for and Florentin for food. Parks? Noorderplantsoen &  Kardinge.
Website: Lone Drifters, Dutch blog for adventurous travelers


About Diana

Evelyn & Diana met during their first year at the Rijksuniversity of Groningen and have been friends since. They’re colleagues now, working for a company in Groningen and spend their time working together at various coffee spots in Groningen.  

Diana lives for almost 20 years in Groningen. She came here to study and just stayed a little bit longer. She studied International Communication, there she met a lot of international students.

About Groningen

In 2019 Groningen got highlighted as the best places in Europe alongside the likes of major metropolises like Lisbon, Athens, Salzburg, and Dusseldorf. Groningen was voted by CNN as “a winning alternative to Amsterdam”. So there’s a lot to win by starting this website.

What to find on Inside Groningen


On this website, you’ll find hotspots in Groningen. We’ll give you tips on what to do in Groningen, share comprehensive guides, and more. We also hired locals who write about their own neighborhood, highlighting the best spots.

Questions? Missing something? Mistakes?

If anything is missing, please let us know. Also if you’d like to write for us, drop us a line via the contact page. We’re looking for internationals who would love to share their stories, tips, inspiration, or get interviewed. Just drop us an e-mail. You don’t have to be a local, we’d love to hear from ex-pats and students as well!

Seeing a mistake. Though we would say our English is good, it’s not perfect. If you see any mistakes, like grammar or whatsoever, please let us know instead of laughing silently 😉